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Follow The Procedure For Child

Follow the procedure for child matters, then the procedure for spousal maintenance, then for property matters. duty of disclosure, lawyers’ obligations, and family counselling and compulsory FDR in child matters. give written notice to your client before each court event of costs to date and future. event of the costs to that point and what they can expect to pay to the next court event. $8,000 payable up to and including the next court event (conciliation conference). $2–4,000 a day (beyond the first day) if more time is required (plus the expenses of any expert witnesses). and as to children after separation. only financial matters are concerned. Response to divorce 3 – 13 [... ] JURISDICTION GROUND OF DIVORCE RESUMPTION OF COHABITATION MEANING OF SEPARATION CHAPTER THREE 3 – 2 Divorce proceedings may be issued in this coun[... citizenship or domicile or been ordinarily resident in Australia for the past year: s 39(3) Family Law Act 1975 (FLA). “Ordinarily resident” includes “habitually resident”: s 4(1) FLA. Also see Russell (No. FamCA 917 at [9]-[63]. “residence adopted voluntarily and for [a] settled purpose”. country.

Note – Page numbers commencing with A refer to the Addendum as to the 2009 amendments to the Family Law Act regarding de facto relationships and definitions of children; also as to WA legislation and other issues. objection to decisi[... ] Xv THE FAMILY LAW BOOK appointment of independent children’s lawyer, 4-74 parenting arrangements and, 4-31 sole occupancy injunction and, 4-10 c[... spousal/[... ] Xvi THE FAMILY LAW BOOK applying for, 5-21–5-29, 5-75–5-82 child support agreements and, 5-54 earning capacity and, 5-26–5-27, 5-28 educat[... spousal/partner mainte[... ] Xvii THE FAMILY LAW BOOK less adversarial trials and, 4-76 reports by, 4-73 role of, 4-73 selecting, 1-6 making best use of, 4-6 relocation th[... alternatives to, 9-2, 9-11[... ] Xviii THE FAMILY LAW BOOK spousal/partner maintenance matters, 2-17, 6-6, 6-13, 6-25, 6-27, 6-28, 6-29, 6-39–6-40 financial agreements and, 9-14[... child support and main[... ] Xix THE FAMILY LAW BOOK consent orders in, 8-11 jurisdiction in children’s matters, 4-4 child support; spousal/partner maintenance capacity to[... orders with[... ] Xx THE FAMILY LAW BOOK advising clients about, 4-35 amending applications for, 4-84 cessation of, 4-13 consent orders, 4-12, 4-17 contraventio[... enforcement of orders, 7-77[... ] Xxi THE FAMILY LAW BOOK child support agreements and, 5-39, 5-54 non periodic child support and, 5-30, 5-33 spousal/partner maintenance and, 6-18,[... children’s matters[... ] Xxii THE FAMILY LAW BOOK arrears of, recovering, 6-18, 6-20, 6-22, 6-24 backdating, 6-18 cessation of, 6-4, 6-24 consent orders for, 6-22, 6-31 [... ... ] Xxiii THE FAMILY LAW BOOK de facto financial matters, A-6 interim costs orders, 8-32 spousal/partner maintenance, 6-2, 6-3 declaration, child supp[... relationship with parents, 4-39[... ] This page has intentionally been left blank.

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